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    POST TIME:2020-4-3 18:57

    话不多说,先上大片! ▼ 04:44 “ 4月12日,在国务院新闻办公室官方网站重磅推出独家视频《河南郑州跻身“万亿俱乐部” 中原腹地何以引领中部崛起》,与总理高访信息同步亮相国新办官网首页,讲述郑州经济飞跃发展、高质量营商环境以及交通枢纽优势,该视频还通过中国网海外渠道面向欧洲国家进行了重点推广,向欧洲国家推介中原腹地郑州的独特魅力。 ” ▲网站截图 Zhengzhou, the capital of central China's Henan province 河南省省会郑州 reported a GDP of more than 1 trillion yuan (US$149.2 billion) for the first time in 2018 2018年经济总量首次突破万亿 it also registered a permanent population of over 10 million 常住人口突破千万 and achieved a per capita GDP of 100,000 yuan 人均生产总值突破10万元 all milestones from the city's remarkable efforts 这座千年古都建设国家中心城市的速度 to build a National Central City 令人瞩目 driven by innovation 以创新驱动为引领 Zhengzhou set up the world's biggest iPhone factory in recent years 郑州近年打造出了全球最大的苹果手机生产基地 and has become the headquarters of the world's largest producer of passenger cars 全球销量最大的客车企业 the favorable international business environment 国际化营商环境 is key to the high-quality development of its economy 成为郑州经济高质量发展 and the high-quality construction of a National Central City 国家中心城市高质量建设的生命线 Zhengzhou is now home to more than 700 foreign-funded enterprises 郑州目前有外资企业700多家 83 of them were established in 2018 2018年新增83家 pulling in foreign capital of US$4.21 billion 实际吸收外资42.1亿美元 with the Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone 航空港实验区 the Henan Pilot Free Trade Zone 河南自贸区 the National Innovation Demonstration Zone 国家自主创新示范区 the Comprehensive Cross-Border E-Commerce Pilot Zone 跨境电商综试区等 and other such strategic initiatives launched in the city 一系列国家战略深入实施 Zhengzhou has drawn more and more high-end professionals 吸引了越来越多的高端人才来郑州发展 by further optimizing its talent policy 2018年郑州持续优化人才政策 the city attracted 214,300 young talents to work and start businesses here in 2018 吸引21.43万青年人才就业创业 in the future, it will lead the formation of a city cluster in central China 未来郑州将引领中原城市群发展 making it more attractive to talents 对人才的吸引力会越来越强 the growing pull of Zhengzhou 如此高涨的人气 hinges on its increasingly prominent status as a transportation hub 离不开郑州日益凸显的交通枢纽地位 in March 2017 2017年3月 the State Council defined Zhengzhou's strategic position 国家首次将郑州定位为 as an "integrated international transportation hub" “国际性综合交通枢纽” its airport operates 242 airline routes 郑州机场已开通航线242条 spanning the three major economic zones of Europe, Asia and the Americas 基本形成横跨欧亚美三大经济区 and covering the world's major economies 覆盖全球主要经济体的航线网络 the Zhengzhou-Europe Railway Express has been in operation for more than five years 中欧班列(郑州)已开行5年有余 it transports commodities from 126 cities in 24 countries around the world 货源地分布于全球24个国家126个城市 serving almost 3,000 domestic and foreign businesses 服务境内外客户近3000家 Zhengzhou has also operated 206 sea-rail combined cargo trains 郑州至连云港、青岛、天津等港口的海铁联运班列 to Lianyungang, Qingdao, Tianjin, and other Chinese ports 累计开行206班 known as the "City of Trains" 一直以来郑州是中国铁路网络的中心 Zhengzhou has always been the center of China's railway network 被称为“火车拉来的城市” with the implementation of the national high-speed rail development plan 随着国家高铁规划的实施 the city is expected to become the heart of China's high-speed rail network 郑州有望成为中国的“高铁心脏” according to the "Zhengzhou Transport Infrastructure Development Plan (2019-2021)" 《畅通郑州白皮书(2019—2021)》提出 in the next three years 未来三年 the city will complete the construction of a high-speed rail network that leads to all directions 郑州将全面建成“米”字形高铁网络 as predicted 据预测 Zhengzhou will create a three-hour economic circle 未来以郑州为中心的高铁3小时经济圈 to connect cities within a 1,000-kilometer radius 将覆盖方圆1000公里的城市 bringing together nearly 790 million people in the area 近7.9亿人口 as more human resources, commodities, capital, and information flow into the city 越来越多的人流物流资金流信息流加速汇聚 Zhengzhou is marching into a new chapter in history 郑州站在了新的历史起点 to shoulder the mission of a National Central City 正肩负起国家中心城市的使命 lead regional development, and step onto the world stage 引领区域发展跻身世界舞台 文章来源:https://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1631056128983788287&wfr=spider&for=pc

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